As I had promised in my first blog ‘What is DOM?’ here is a blog on ‘DOM manipulation’. In this blog, we will dive more into DOM & know what is DOM manipulation & how is it done.

DOM manipulation is interacting with the DOM API to change/modify the HTML document that is to be rendered on the web browser. This HTML document can be changed/modified to add elements, remove elements, edit elements, move elements around, etc.

By manipulating the DOM you can create applications that will update the data of the page without a refresh, change the layout of…

In this blog, you will learn what is Firebase & how to quickly set up Firebase i.e. setting up Firestore Database & Firebase Hosting for your React app.

What is Firebase?

Firebase is a backend service solution provided by Google. Firebase has become quite popular in the developer’s community because of the tools and services it has been providing. Firebase frees developers from the hassle of writing APIs and managing servers. Firebase does everything for us, right from creating our APIs for us to managing our data store.

Firebase comes with a plethora of inbuilt features, such as:

  1. Firebase Authentication
  2. Cloud Firestore
  3. Realtime…

So have you wondered what exactly is DOM & what does it do? Since I was facing a similar question, I tried to go more in-depth and learn about DOM. Here I have attempted to summarize what I have learned. I hope it interests you.

The DOM, or the ‘Document Object Model’ is an internal programmatic representation of any web page. Technically DOM is also an API that allows us to add, remove or edit elements.

To understand what is DOM exactly we need to understand how an HTML document is transformed into an interactive web page. …

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